• Diesel Generator FAQ

    What is the difference between kW and kVa? The primary difference between kW (kilowatt) and kVA (kilovolt-ampere) is the power factor.  kW is the unit of real power and kVA is a unit of apparent power (or real power plus re-active power).  The power factor, unless it is defined and known, is ther...
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    Where does the oil consumption of diesel generator go to? Part of it runs to the combustion chamber due to oil tampering and is burned off or forms carbon, and the other part leaks out from the place where the seal is not tight. Diesel generator oil generally enters the combustion chamber through...
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  • Eight steps essential for proper diesel generator maintenance

    Proper diesel generator maintenance is key to ensuring that your equipment keeps running for years to come and these 8 key points are essential 1. Diesel Generator Routine General Inspection During the running of the diesel generator, the exhaust system, fuel system, DC electrical system and engi...
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  • Maintenance Items of Diesel Generator

    When the electrical grid fails it doesn’t mean that you can too. This is never convenient and can happen when crucial work is underway. When the power blacks out and seasonal productivity just can’t wait, you turn to your diesel generator to power the equipment and facilities that are...
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  • The temperature of the diesel engine is too high. Can the thermostat be removed?

    How does the thermostat work At present, diesel engines mostly use wax thermostat with stable working performance. When the cooling water temperature is lower than the rated temperature, the thermostat valve is closed and the cooling water can only be circulated in the diesel engine in a small wa...
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  • Happy International Woman’s Day

    Happy International Woman’s Day

    Happy International Women’s day! Thanks to all our female colleagues. Hongfu Power wish all of you a rich women, spirit rich: no reflections, optimistic, cheerful, love richer: often has a sweet, confident self; rich: and dream life, takes sole charge of. Have a happy women’s day!
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  • Hongfu Power Guide you how to make your genset stay in great performance

    Autonomous power supply stations produced by Hongfu Power have found their application today, both in everyday life and in industrial production. And to buy a diesel AJ series generator are recommended as the main source and as a backup. Such a unit is used to provide voltage to industrial or man...
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  • How to reduce the intake air temperature of diesel generator set

    How to reduce the intake air temperature of diesel generator set Diesel generator sets in operation, the internal coil temperature is very high, if the unit into the air temperature is too high will lead to heat dissipation is not ideal, affect the operation of the unit, and even reduce the servi...
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  • From gen set creation in Lincolnshire, UK to mining application in the Caribbean

    From gen set creation in Lincolnshire, UK to mining application in the Caribbean

    When Lincolnshire, UK based global genset designer Welland Power needed 4 x Critical Standby alternators for a Mining Contractor in the Caribbean they didn’t have to look too far. Built on a reputation for quality and reliability plus a working partnership spanning over 25 years. Specialising in ...
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  • Diesel Generators: Everything you need to know before buying one

    What is a Diesel Generator? A diesel generator is used to generate electric energy by using a diesel engine along with an electric generator. A diesel generator can be used as an emergency power supply in case of power cuts or in places where there is no connection with the power grid. Industrial...
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  • Diesel Engine Market is estimated to reach $332.7 Billion by 2024 growing at a CAGR of 6.8% from 2020 to 2024

    Diesel engine is an internal combustion engine in which air is compressed to an adequately high temperature to ignite diesel fuel inoculated into the cylinder, where expansion and combustion trigger a piston. Global Diesel Engine Market is estimated to reach $332.7 Billion by 2024; growing at a C...
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  • How to distinguish the main and standby power of diesel generator sets

    How to distinguish the main and standby power of Diesel generator sets The main diesel generator with power and standby power is often confused with the concept of dealers to confuse consumers, in order to let everyone see through the trap below as we described two different concepts, and the pro...
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